Let's make our economies beautiful again

Beautiful Economies

Explore the philosophy and practice of barefoot economics

With the Human Scale Development framework developed by ‘barefoot economist’ Manfred Max-Neef as our starting point, our courses explore how we can we create the conditions to meet our fundamental needs while restoring the life giving capacities of the Earth.

We believe

Each of us is gifted with many, often unexplored, skills and talents

We all share the same fundamental human needs

In order for humans to thrive in harmony with each other and the Earth we need systems that allow our skills and talents to flourish in service of real needs

we explore

  • Frameworks that integrate social psychology, ecology and economics
  • How our current economic story gets in the way of effective action
  • The social and ecological benefits of economic re-localisation
  • The impact of different money systems and how to ‘change the exchange’
  • The importance of the ‘invisible economy’

we grow

Together we build a map of the economy that acknowledges the complexity of our needs and sets out a pathway towards a world that is fair, compassionate and regenerative.


"The workshop completely changed my understanding of economics."
I found the whole weekend fascinating – even during the breaks and lunches I learned a lot and participated in the circling of knowledge , ideas and questions.
It was great to question my assumptions, things I take for granted. Seeing my default way of looking at problems and seeing just how locked up into the system that is.
The course gave me a structure for understanding the inter-relationships of tools and ideas I'd come across piecemeal so I can use them with more awareness and more effectively.

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